New Generation Praise & Worship International Ministries 
Kingdom Covenant Connection Fellowship
To promote, establish, maintain, and operate churches and units of churches in the furtherance of the kingdom of God. To provide a spiritual covering, strengthening Pastors and their congregations through God centered directives and divine impartation. Committed to conducting all forms of communications above reproach one toward another and to operate in a spirit of excellence.

Membership Benefits:
  • Networking: The fellowship opens doors for networking opportunities with other Pastors with growing ministries,
  • Bishop and Pastor Wilkins offer: Pastors and Spouses of these growing ministries mentorship, provide spiritual headship and authority for Senior Pastors that desire a covering by the KCCF, partner with Pastors, spouses, and their churches in prayer and intercessory commitment, provide special closed conference for senior leaders and members of the Alliance, and provide seminars on leadership and church growth skills.