New Generation Praise & Worship International Ministries 
Deaconess Theresa Glenn
When I started attending New Generation Praise and Worship Christian Church the name it was then.  I felt the love and still do and the spirit of God surely dwells’ their.  I use to sit in the back of the church, attended every service you couldn’t keep me away and still can’t.  Then upon joining, I joined several auxiliaries. I am not the type who wants to be seen, but as God would have it Bishop and Pastor saw something I didn’t and still don’t see in me. But, what I like is when they are lead by the spirit, to ask you to do something (meaning have you to step out of your confront zone) they always say consult God and pray about it before giving them an answer. Although, I am in the (zone) not comfortable yet, it is only by what they are teaching me is THE WORD OF GOD.  Not only do they teach and preach the word they are living examples.  By that I mean they share their testimonies, but they always say if it had not been God in their life they would not have made it.  They keep it real, and always have scripture to back up what they say, how they live, preach and teach.  They always, say study the scriptures to see what God is saying to you.  Since I have been study the scriptures, I have a closer relationship with God, I have grown since I first joined and still growing, I am a little bolder, because, of the God in them that has carried over in me.  I truly thank God that they give us the freedom to be who we are in Christ Jesus. So if you are looking for a place to worship or need a prayer feel free to come by or contact us Gods house which is our house is always open.

Je’Lisa Myers
I have been a member of New Generation since I was about 10 years old. Even then I knew that this church was the church for me. I would look and listen in amazement to the Bishop Wilkins speak. I remember going to school and telling my friends about what I had learned. I was so excited about becoming a part of this family. From then on, I have participated in so many church activities that have help shape me into the person I am today. Being involved and committed to a church that is committed to making you a better person in the body of Christ is what church is all about. I have learned so much about my walk with my Lord and Savior; I have learned what God’s Will is all about through His Word.  If I have a week where I am feeling stressed, the pressures of life are keeping me bound, or nothing seems to go my way; this is where I find that freedom, that release, that escape through praise! New Generation is where I find my spiritual liberation. Being able to praise God in an atmosphere where there is one common goal at hand and that goal is forming a closer relationship with Him. New Generation Praise and Worship International Ministries has been a leading factor in how I view life, understanding that I have to go through my storm to reap the many things that the Lord has in store for my life. The Word that God has given Bishop Wilkins has helped me through tough times; giving me the boost and the encouragement I need to know that even though I have fallen short of His glory by having a child while unmarried, that all hope is not lost. I know that my future is as bright as it has ever been because my God would never place more on me than I can bear. I am a proud mother and a hardworking college student with a successful victorious favor-filled future only by the grace of God.

Karice Williams
My name is Karice Williams and I’m a member of New Generation Praise & Worship International Ministries.  I’ve been a member for nine years now.  My experience at my church has been great.  Bishop and Pastor Wilkins are truly godly people that care about the members.  They want each member to reach their full potential in Christ Jesus.  A couple of years ago I became very ill and the doctors didn’t think I would live.  Bishop and Pastor Wilkins and the members of the church prayed for me and I began to get better with the help of the Lord.  They took time out of their busy lives to come see about me and for that I am grateful.  I thank God for such a great church family.  I have grown in so many ways and I thank God for my life.